We drive sustainability through constant innovations in frontier quality sensory technology to keep industrial processes on spec. We care deeply about our clients , our employees and our Planet.

Your talents put in their best to reach greater heights and develop constant Innovations that are ahead of our time.

PAS has 25 colleagues/partners operating in 30 countries for sales, service and support.We need more talent like you to power our growth.


Life at PAS

Driving sustainable product innovation

Watch a handful of our employees talking about how PAS has enabled them to develop professionally, and how they feel they are giving value back.

The five Core Values at the heart of our success

We excel in our deliverables and attain work life balance through innovations,
strategic leadership, risks mitigation and collaboration to do things right first time, every time.

Ethics and Integrity

Acting with the highest ethical standards is core to who we are. Reliably partnering with suppliers, providing growth opportunities for colleagues, delivering outstanding returns for shareholders, and supporting our communities through charitable donations and volunteerism.

Respect for Individual

We provide a safe work environment, creating a culture where employees feel comfortable sharing their ideas and perspectives. We are constantly looking for ways to further enhance our employees’ experience by offering advancement and development opportunities.

Diversity and Inclusion

We believe the best ideas come from diverse groups of people working together in an inclusive workplace. Our approach to this essential criteria spans the entire employment lifecycle, which includes talent acquisition, learning and development, and retention and engagement.


Our success is born from our collaborative spirit. Together, our teams deliver market-leading products through collaboration and sharing the best practices and ideas. Our high-performance teams provide a competitive edge that allows us to succeed in the markets we serve.

Social Responsibility

As a global organization, we recognize the positive impact we can make on society. We provide solutions that support our sustainability initiatives by reducing emissions, energy use and waste.